Implementing WorkWithPlus in ongoing Projects

In WorkWithPlus, our mission is to ensure that every GeneXus application benefits of the boost of productivity and exceptional user experience offered by our platform. Whether you're looking to integrate AI-powered features, implement a Dynamic Form module, facilitate multi-tenant functionality, or leverage our amazing pixel-perfect design systems, we're here to streamline the adoption of WorkWithPlus into your projects!

While ideally beginning your projects with WorkWithPlus maximizes its potential, we understand that you may already have existing Knowledge Bases (KBs) and wish to incorporate WorkWithPlus into them.

This documentation mentions the scenarios you may have and provides guidance on how to proceed in each case.

Scenario 1: Current KB without any pattern
If you've developed your KB without adhering to any specific pattern for creating screens, our WorkWithPlus instance from layout feature allows you to seamlessly apply WorkWithPlus to your existing projects.

By utilizing this feature, you can effortlessly generate WorkWithPlus instances from your current layouts, enabling you to harness the power of our exclusive IDE and Real Time Preview alongside all the automation and productivity features at your disposal.

Complete this form, so an expert of our team can contact you to define a plan together for the migration.

Scenario 2: Current KB with another pattern
If your application was developed with other market patterns such as WorkWith, K2BTools, PxTools, or others, we offer automated tools to facilitate migration from these patterns.

For instance, our Convert WorkWith to WorkWithPlus tool is free for every WorkWithPlus user, simplifying the transition process. Similar migration tools are available for other patterns. Complete this form, so an expert of our team can contact you to define a plan together for the migration!

Scenario 3: Current KB with a custom pattern
If you've developed a custom pattern for your KB and wish to integrate WorkWithPlus into it, we're here to assist. Simply reach out to us here, and we'll work with you to facilitate the migration process seamlessly.

If you want to learn about a success story of a custom pattern migration, you can watch Okaratech testimony at GX30!

In essence, regardless of the scenario you find yourself in, our aim remains constant: to assist you in using WorkWithPlus and automating the migration process, ensuring you can quickly unlock the full potential of WorkWithPlus.