WorkWithPlus AI Module

The spotlight in the last few months has been exclusively on AI, making it the key player in tech discussions. 

At WorkWithPlus we have been present at GeneXus Next for several months now, and of course, we have also been working diligently so that you can quickly include all the power of AI in your applications. In this section, we invite you to discover this new module, explore why AI is crucial in modern applications and discuss the business opportunities it unlocks.

WorkWithPlus AI Module

WorkWithPlus includes a ready-to-use AI module, in order to release the power of AI and elevate your customer's UX with ready to use AI empowered features.

By enabling this module, you will be to include into your applications a set of features empowered by AI. These features are designed in order to provide extra power and flexibility to your customers.

Nowadays, WorkWithPlus AI module includes the following features:

  • AI Intent-based navigation (available since WorkWithPlus 15 Upgrade #2)
  • Ask the AI Copilot (coming soon)

WorkWithPlus's AI module works by taking advantage of all the information we have from the KB (semantic model) to give the best possible context to GeneXus Enterprise AI (which will transfer it to the desired LLM). Based on what the LLM returns, WorkWIthPlus will display the answer accordingly.

Unlock opportunities with AI

For both development teams and software factories, incorporating AI into applications not only benefits end users, but also presents interesting business opportunities. I would like to quickly review three of them:

Differentiation from the competition

Early adoption of innovative technologies like AI can establish your company as a market leader and attract new customers. Take advantage of this new technological revolution to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

New business models

New AI-based features can justify new business models, with the possibility of up-selling and open new avenues for monetization. Why not add to your products the possibility of acquiring a new module powered by AI?

Customer loyalty

By providing advanced and a high value feature, you can build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with your customers. Bring your clients the latest trends!

In recent months, the industry has proven that companies and organizations are eager to explore the power of AI in their internal systems and processes, but many times it is not entirely clear what is the best way to incorporate this type of technology, in a way to really provide value with an investment that is appropriate. For all development teams and software factories that use WorkWithPlus, it will be very easy to incorporate this type of feature, show the value and power they generate, and satisfy this demand from organizations.

At WorkWithPlus, we firmly believe that AI is not just the future, but the present of enterprise applications. Our new AI module is a first step in this direction, and we are very excited to bring this power to the entire GeneXus+WorkWithPlus community.

Success stories

You can learn some success stories of customers already using these features here.


  • This feature is a part of WorkWithPlus for Web. Any WorkWithPlus user with an active license can use it.
  • Subscription to a special light version of GeneXus Enterprise AI is required.

GeneXus Enterprise AI + WorkWithPlus give our community a free amount of daily requests for development only process. At the moment of deploying an application to production, you must subscribe to a special version of GeneXus Enterprise AI and use your own credentials.

Exclusive to WorkWithPlus users, a special version of GeneXus Enterprise AI offers two special plans with light cost structures and usage limits. Everybody can release the power of AI in their projects!

You can pick your GeneXus Enterprise AI plan, here.

You can learn more about the pricing here.

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