GXtest Node


GXtest node has the following properties:

Category Property  
General Properties Generate Test Cases GxTestNodeImg02
DataPool Generate Data Pool
Generate SETID Column
TestCase Startup Test Case
Behavior Check Formulas

General Properties:

Generate Test Cases:

Specifies whether to generate or not the test cases associated to the instance. It will generate the test case for insert a record, search it in the WW object, update it and delete it for every Selection and Extra Selection object. When the grid is ColumnsSelector, the test case won't be generated as it is not supported yet.


Generate DataPool:

Specifies whether to generate or not the DataPool associated to this transaction. 

Generate SETID Column:

Specifies whether to generate or not the SETID Column in the DataPool associated to this transaction. This Column is used in order to relate the DataPools of different tables of the same transaction within GXtest. Only applies when a transaction has more than one level. (More info: SETID Column (Spanish)).


Startup Test Case:

Specifies the test case that will be invoked before the test case itself. For example, it could be a test case for logging in to the application. This property can be empty, when no startup test case is needed. 


Check Formulas:

Specifies whether to include the checking of formula values or not within the test cases generated. If this property is yes, it will include a validation of that field when inserting and removing a record within the transaction, and also will create a field in the Data Pool of the transaction.

More information of how WorkWithPlus generate test cases in the following link: GXtest + WorkWithPlus