WorkWithPlus instance from layout

WorkWithPlus added the possibility to create an instance from a layout. So, if you have Web Panels already created (for example because they were designed by your designer expert), you can create the associated instance and continue working with it using WorkWithPlus in order to take full advantage of all the features and maintain it in a much easier way.



This feature is also useful in the following scenarios:

Import from Sketch or Figma

If your company uses one of these tools in order to develop the design of your applications, you can import the layouts using the tool that GeneXus provides:

ImportSketch01  ImportSketch02

Then with our feature create the instances of the layouts in order to develop each of the Panels or Web Panels, using our real-time preview, hierarchical editor, and all the features that WorkWithPlus provides:



Migrate from other Patterns

If you have a KB with another Pattern or Designer applied to your Web Forms, with this feature you can migrate them maintaining the layout (variables on screen, actions, grids, tables, etc)


Ongoing Projects

If you didn't use WorkWithPlus in your project and want to start using it on your ongoing project, you can run the Design System Wizard select a Design System, and then as you need to make modifications in the Panels or Web Panels that were made without WorkWithPlus, you create the instance in order to continue working with it, and all the new Panels or Web Panels you create it with WorkWithPlus.