Installing WorkWithPlus in GeneXus Server

If you have WorkWithPlus and GeneXus Server, it is necessary to have the same version of WorkWithPlus installed on it for the objects to be generated on the server and compile everything correctly.

By default, the GeneXus Server installation folder is C:\GeneXusServer\.

If you have it installed in another directory, you must use the one where you have installed GeneXus Server


Bearing in mind where you have GeneXus Server installed, the folder where you must install WorkWithPlus is the following


It is in this folder where you must install WorkWithPlus when marking as 'GeneXus Server installation'

GeneXusServerDefaultFolderImg02 GeneXusServerDefaultFolderNMImg02


After installed you will have to restart the IIS pool for the changes to take effect.

If everything was installed correctly, you should be able to see it in GeneXus Server> Configuration> Patterns


Note: If you use GeneXus Server as SaaS instead of having it on a local machine, you have to contact the GeneXus team to install WorkWithPlus according to the version you are using.