IDE and Real Time Preview

When working with transactions, web panels, or procedures, WorkWithPlus provides a special development environment, to enhance your productivity.

Open the "Person" transaction and visualize this environment. As you can see, in this IDE you have tabs with the different objects that WorkWithPlus generates, a hierarchical tree which defines the layout of the object and a real-time preview: 


Comment & Tips:

  • The Tabs (Transaction, Selection, Prompt, View, etc) define the objects generated by this transaction
  • The hierarchical tree corresponds to the object that you are working on (the one selected in the tabs). In this example is the Transaction form. 
  • The real-time preview shows a preview of the object that you are working on (the one selected in the tabs) in the different sizes of the screen as the application that we are generating is responsive. In addition, You have the option to undock the Preview in order to have it in another monitor for example, or just disable it.



Well done! You should now be able to:

  • Identify the different parts of the WorkWithPlus IDE
  • Use the real-time preview to customize your layouts