Nowadays is essential to have any security scheme in our applications. In WorkWithPlus we have a mechanism to easily add security to the application according to your needs.

The property of Security node is to centralize security aspects of the application. It has four modes: None, Simple Security, Advanced Security and GAM. It is highly recommended to apply GAM Security because this is the standard security solution for GeneXus as it  automatically manages Users, Roles, and the functionalities associated to objects, actions, links, and tabs.  GAM also can be used for Mobile applications and to protect the web services of the application.


Simple Security

This security will only check when user browses through every part of application if it has access to it (the pattern will invoke this for every object generated, but developer should add it to webpanels, reports, and other objects that are not generated by pattern).

In order to do this, WorkWithPlus allow user to specify the procedure which will be invoked to check security and the webpanel which will be called when user is not allowed to be in the object he is browsing. For instance, if application users have some restrinctions depending on its role, we could set this on this procedure.

Security node has the following properties:

Category Property  
General Properties Check SecurityImg02
Not Authorized

General Properties:


Specifies the procedure that will be invoked in order to check if application user is allowed to browse through that part of the application, or execute some action. By default this procedure is 'IsAuthorized', but the behaviour inside it should be developed by GeneXus developer. It could receive extra parameters (by adding it as a child from Security node and specifying its type) and could get values from context for example. The parameters that always receive are: &Pgmname and &IsAuthorized (in that order).

Not authorized:

Web panel that will be invoked when some application user is not allowed to be in the website he is browsing. By default this webpanel is 'NotAuthorized'.  

Advanced Security

This security is explained in detail in the following link: Advanced Security

GAM Security

This security is explained in detail in the following link: GAM Security