User Control Node

The purpose of this node is to add a User Control as a simple way.

User Control Node has the following properties:

Category Properties  
General Properties Control Name UserControlNodeImg01
User Control
User Control Properties
Location in father table Cell Width (Extra Small)
Cell Width (Small)
Cell Width (Medium)
Cell Width (Large)
Visible (Extra Small)
Visible (Small)
Visible (Medium)
Visible (Large)
Cell Theme Class
Start Col/Fst Avail
Merge With Previous Cell

General Properties:

Control Name:

Specifies the control name that the User Control Node will have.

User Control:

Specifies the User Control that this node will contain. The options are the same that you have in the Toolbox.


User Control Properties:

In this field you can specifies all properties that the user control have. For example I select the User Control DVelop.DVMessage an it has the following properties:


If you want to read information about the Location in father table properties, follow this link: Location in father table