Web Panels

WorkWithPlus provides the possibility to generate Web Panels that are not associated to any transaction, applying it to any Web Panel's instance (generating with WorkWithPlus 100% of WebPanels of the application). This allows GeneXus developer to generate the Web Panel's form that will look-alike the other forms generated by the pattern (selection, view, etc.), mantaining a similar structure, colors and theme classes in a very fast and simple way. The idea is to generate Web Panels based on certain templates that will be created by user. This templates will be located in WorkWithPlus Configuration, and its structure is similar to a transaction's instance. It also allows user to set code events which will be set in the web panels generated from this template, and define variables which will be needed in the events, conditions or rules.

When you first apply the pattern, WorkWithPlus Configuration will contain the following Web Panel's templates:


As we can visualize, there are five Web Panel templates: WorkWithWithoutBaseTable, CreateData, Empty with Title, Wizard Bullet Type (Wizard) and Wizard Arrow Type (Wizard). User can delete or modify this templates as well as create as many as he wants.

WorkWithWithoutBaseTable is a template which has a very similar structure to Selection object (WorkWith), but it is not based in any base table. This is useful when user has to create an object that will have a similar structure and behaviour as Selection object, but the navigation is loading an SDT, or will navigate to multiple tables and user needs to set it manually by using for each commands.

Create data is a template which has a very similar structure to Transaction object, but it will be generated as a web panel if user needs it for some reason.

Empty with Title is a template that could be used when you have to generate a Web Panel that does not have a pattern with other Web Panels, so you only reuse the frame (title, etc). And if you want to make a modification to all the look & feel of the application, you only need to modify the templates and make Update Instances.

The templates Wizard Bullet Type (Wizard) and Wizard Arrow Type (Wizard) are 'Wizard templates', and are detailed in the following link: Generation of Wizards.

In the templates, user will be able to insert nodes like Attributes & Variables, Events & subs with code associated that are common in all web panels generated by this template, tables, user actions, etc. All this nodes are detailed in this link: WorkWithPlus Settings's Structure

If you want to read information about applying a template to a web panel, and the nodes that are available in a web panel's instance, follow this link: Web Panel Instance