GXtest + WorkWithPlus

WorkWithPlus provides the possibility to generate automatic tests of the objects generated by WorkWithPlus, in order to test the application. These tests will be imported in GXtest .

There are properties defined in WWP Configuration, inside GXtest Cases Generation which gives you the possibility to customize the generation for all the instances by default.

Also, you can insert for each instance a GXtest Node, and customize the generation for that instance in particular. 

You can generate the case testes for one instance in particular, by making right click on GXtest node:



Or generate the test cases for all the instances which have their property 'Generate Test Cases' as True or do not have the GXtest node and property 'Generate Test Cases' within GXtest Cases Generation node is True: 


The Output (General) will show the Test Cases generated:


The xml files will be generated in the folder of the Environment Directory, inside a folder named 'WWPGXtest':


Then, you should open GX Test Designer, create a Project associating that KB and import the autogenerated test cases (xml files).

We can visualize in GXTest Designer, the result of a test case created by WorkWithPlus: