User Options

There are properties within User Options related to WorkWithPlus. In order to configurate them you have to go to Tools -> Options -> WorkWithPlus category:



Instance Editor:

Specifies the way that the instances will be displayed. The options are:

  • SmartView: will display the instance with Tabs and you have the option to enable real time preview (docked or undocked)
  • TreeView: will display the instance as a Tree.
  • Both: will display a vertical Tab in which developer can choose to visualize the tree view or the smart view.

Example of SmartView:


Example of Tree View:


Example of Both:


Show Custom Properties:

Specifies whether to show or not the custom properties related to Grid, Attribute and Variable nodes. More information about it: Custom Properties

Use Read-Only License:

Specifies whether to use a full license or to use a read-only license. This is useful when you have your WorkWithPlus licenses centralized in a GeneXus Protection Server, and in some cases you need a read-only license but in another cases you need a full one. When you mark this option as true it is necessary to have read-only licenses installed in the GX License Manager.