WorkWithPlus 12.27

Issue with 'Update Instances' process when having a Selection Web Panel with a dynamic filter based on an attribute Issue 2361

When having a Web Panel based on Selection template, and you add a Dynamic Filter based on an attribute, the 'Update Instances' process did not work properly as it threw an error.

Issue with Totalizer in GeneXus 16 U6

When having some column with totalizer, the total value that is displayed at the bottom of the associated column was not properly aligned to the column.

Issue with 'Audit' process when having a transaction with two levels and the second level of the transaction has its primary key based on a domain with enumerated values

When having a transaction with 'Audit' enabled, and this transaction had a second level with a primary key (of the second level) based on a domain with enumerated values, the audit did not work properly.

Issue with 'Pagination Bar' when selecting the option to visualize all records  Issue 2362

When adding the option to display all the records of a grid in the 'Pagination bar', and selecting this option at runtime, the refresh event was being called many times.

Resize of the image of Login

The image that is shown on the pages of Login is now smaller.

Issue with Tooltips in Web Components

In Web Components, the help texts were not working