E-Commerce Design

One of the new themes that was included in WorkWithPlus 12 is the E-Commerce Design.

This theme provides the look and feel of an E-Commerce application and a set of user controls which give some features commonly used in these kind of applications.

To use this theme you need to go to Tools -> WorkWithPlus -> Design System Wizard.


And select 'E-Commerce':


By selecting this theme WorkWithPlus will automatically create the following screens:

Important: this screens are loaded with sample data retrieved from Data Providers, but you can easily customise them to retrieve the data from your transactions or any other data source that you may have (web services, external objects, etc.)


Home page of the E-Commerce with a menu with images:


You can read extra information about the Mega Menu here.

Banners at the top:



An a vertical banner and the product's list at the bottom:


Product Detail

When selecting a product, its detail is displayed:



You can read extra information about the Image Zoom here

Shopping cart

The shopping cart can be visualised within the Master Page:


Shopping cart detail

When you select the "Buy" option within the "Shopping Cart", the shopping cart detail is displayed:


Checkout wizard

When you select the "Proceed to checkout" option, a checkout wizard is displayed containing the different steps to confirm the purchase:


You can include all the necessary steps to this wizard according to the needs of your business.