Split Screen With Tabs

From WorkWithPlus 12 you will be able to use a new feature called "Split Screen With Tabs". This feature allows you to show in the same screen a grid with a list of records and next to it a visualization with the data regarding the selected item.

You can open at the same time many records and visualize all of them within different tabs:


In this way, you will be able to optimize the data shown in the screen. 

In order to use this kind of visualization, you should select the "Split Screen (with Tabs)" template when applying WorkWithPlus to a transaction:


You will notice that the generated WorkWithPlus instance is different from the ones generated by using other templates as it is specially designed for the "Split Screen With Tabs" feature:


You can customize this instance (the SplitScreen Selection and the ViewSplitScreen) as you usually do in WorkWithPlus. For example, you can change the attributes displayed in the Grid: