WorkWithPlus 12.11

Release date: Monday 25 February 2019

Property "Split Functions List In Modules"

The property "SplitFunctionsListInModules" was added in WorkWithPlus Settings -> Security -> Advanced Security node. This property specifies whether the functionality keys to be defined for each functionality object, action, attribute, etc will be defined in one centralized Data Provider, or if WorkWithPlus will create one Data Provider for each Module.

Error importing GAM in GeneXus 15 U12 Issue 1250

The problem that occurred when running the Design System Wizard with GAM enabled, or when trying to enable GAM from WorkWithPlus Settings using GeneXus 15 U12 was solved. The problem was that the authentication type Saml does not exist in this version of GeneXus and was trying to import its Web Component.