WorkWithPlus 12.25

Release date: Friday 11st October 2019

Issue with Title Category in GridTab Issue 2342

Title Category is not properly working when used in grids within the View's GridTab.

Issue with Pagination Bar Issue 2341

When having a grid where a line is added, and then you change into another page, the page won't be properly changed.

Issue with Material menu when collapsed Issue 2343

Material menu is not properly visualized when it is collapsed as space appears between the items. 

Issue when adding a parameter in a Selection without Title Filter Issue 2344

When adding a parameter in a Selection without Title Filter the variable is not properly defined and so an error happens when applying the pattern.

Issue with double click in grids with "Allow Selection" in Internet Explorer Issue 2345

When doing double click on the checkbox from an action with "Allow Selection"  and working in Internet Explorer, the event is not triggered properly.

Issue with Tab control and settings User Control Type = Responsive ( Based on container)  Issue 2346

Bug when adding a Tab control and setting its first table with "Include In Panel" to "true" an error appears. The problem only happens when the property "User Control Type" is set to "Responsive (Based on container)" on WorkWithPlus Settings

Issue in Selection with the property  "Maintain Selected rows when page changes" is set to "true" Issue 2347

When having a Selection with the property  "Maintain Selected rows when page changes"  set to "true" and a variable in the grid with a "Load Code" defined, the SDT that is created to maintain the selected items is not loaded properly.

Issue DropDown Action Group and GAM Issue 2348

When having a DropDown Action Group outside the Grid, and working with GAM, the variable used to check the Action Group's security was not assigned properly. The issue happens when having in the WorkWithPlus Settings the property "ActionSecurityCheck" set to "OnLoadAndUserEvent".

Issue with Action Grup inside the Grid with many options Issue 2349

When having an Action Grup inside the Grid with many options, not every option is properly visualized.

Issue with Full-Text Filter and having an attribute with enum values and an empty value Issue 2350

When having a Full-Text Filter and having an attribute with enum values and an empty value, an error happens when applying WorkWithPlus in the instance.

Issue with the sidebar menu in Internet Explorer Issue 2351

When opening an item on the sidebar menu and using Internet Explorer a delay happens.

Issue with property "Allow Hover" in Grid Issue 2352

When setting the "Allow Hover" property ina grid, the property is not being applied properly in the form.

Issue when auditing a level with a numeric key Issue 2353

When enabling auditing in a transaction with a level, the auditing is not working properly.

Issue in "Pagination bar" when working in grids without base table and with "Web User Experience"= "Previous Version Compatibility" Issue 2356

When having an object with "Web user experience" in "Previous versions compatible" and a grid (without base table) with pagination bar, it shows the message: "The value doesn't represent a correct value"

Issue with the vertical menu when the menu is loaded from database Issue 2355

When having Vertical Menu and it's loaded from the database, when clicking a menu option it marks all the developer menu options as active.