WorkWithPlus 12.22

Release date: Wednesday 7th August 2019

Compatibility with GeneXus U5 Preview

From this version, WorkWithPlus will be compatible with GeneXus U5 Preview.

New property "Wrapping Tag" for Transaction's templates Event Blocks

A new property option was included in WorkWithPlus Settings -> Transaction Template -> Transaction --> Event & Subs

By using this property, you will be able to define the "Tag" that will be wrapping the defined code block. For example, you can use a "web" tag in order to add code related to controls within the form.

In the following link, you can read further information about Event Blocks

New property "Add Calls Only For Web" in Simple Security

By using this property, the code added by Simple Security will be wrapped by "web" tags so it will only be considered when objects are called in web mode.

New property "Titles align" in GridPrintblock 

By using this property you will be able to align the grid's title with a different value from the items within the rows of the grid.

Issue with GUID column and Column Selector FreeStyleGrid Issue 2315

When having the property "Column selector Type" in FreeStyleGrid and a GUID column on the Grid it throws an error while specifying.

"PrepareTransaction" incorrectly generated in Tabular Tab Issue 2316

The "PrepareTransaction" sub within Tabular Tab in Views uses variables that are never assigned.

Issue with "split screen" and standard action "Update" Issue 2317

When having a "Split Screen" selection and a Standard Action "Update" at runtime, it shows "New" as the tab caption.

Issue with filters with no predefined operators Issue 2318

When you don't have predefined operators for one data type on WorkWithPlus Settings and you try to add an operator in one instance, it doesn't add the operator.

Issue with Floating label in Date Attribute and Edge browser Issue 2320

When having a Date column with Floating Labels, in Edge Browser it doesn't move the label as desired.

Issue with actions Update and Delete when having "Edit in Line" and GAM Issue 2324

When having a grid where "Edit in Line" is enabled, the actions "Update" and "Delete" are not being properly hidden according to the user's permissions.

Issue with Collapsed property in DVelopBoostrapPanel Issue 2325

When assigning by code the "Collapsed" property in a DVelopBoostrapPanel, the behavior is not being properly assigned. 

Issue with Standard Action "Cancel" as "Font Icon" Issue 2326

When defining the Standard Action "Cancel" to use a "Font Icon" (instead of an image), the action doesn't show the desired font at runtime and it keeps using the previous image.

Issue with DVelop Combo in View object Issue 2327

When having an attribute with a DVelop Combo in the Transaction object, in the View object that attribute doesn't show the "Item description" but its "Item Value".

Issue when creating "Prompt Multiple" based on SDT Issue 2328

When creating a new web panel, bassed on "Prompt Multiple" template and selecting an SDT, an error was thrown and the prompt wasn't properly generated.