Custom Properties for Grid, Attributes and Variables

WorkWithPlus provides the possibility to set custom properties to attributes, variables and grid nodes.
These properties allows you to set properties of the grid control, attribute control or variable control in the form that are not available within the instance. It should be used for specific scenarios, as it is an advanced property.

They are available only when in the Options of WorkWithPlus (Tools > Options > WorkWithPlus) the property 'Show Custom Properties' is True.



In order to set some property to a grid, attribute or variable node, you have to visualize in an exported object how GeneXus assigns it, in order to assign it the same way.

For example, if you need to set the command 'order NONE' to the grid you should know how GeneXus saves that property in xml. So, one way of knowing this is adding to some grid's web panel this value to order property and export it as an xml.



Then you have to open the xml and search for your property (in this case 'order none'):


This is the value that you need to copy to the property 'Custom properties' within grid node:


You can set more than one property to the control, separated by ;

There are some characters which need to be with the escape character in order to include it. The escape character is /

Some of them are "   /    =