Setup WorkWithPlus

In order to install  WorkWithPlus you have to follow the steps below:

  1. Run the setup:
  2. Press Next button, and the following window will be shown:
    In the field 'Folder' you must sign in the route where GeneXus is installed. For example "C:\Program Files (x86)\GeneXus\U3"

    If the installation is for GX Server, you must check the option 'GeneXus Server installation' and it won't need a license for that installation.

    You have to select the default application language, so that when you create applications in GeneXus it will have all the configurations and labels in that language. For example, if we select Portuguese and create a KB we can visualize the WorkWithPlus Configuration properties:
    Then, just creating one transaction company ('Empresa') and applying the pattern we can visualize that all labels are in Portuguese:
    Finally Press Next
  3. This step will show different information depending on whether you have already installed WorkWithPlus in this machine or if it is the first time.

    a) First time in the machine 
    b) WorkWithPlus already installed