Smart IDE for GX Evolution 2 or higher

WorkWithPlus has a unique IDE for working with WorkWithPlus for GeneXus X Evolution 2 or higher. In this IDE you will visualize each object generated by some transaction in  different Tab so that you can navigate through these objects in an easier way.

Also, you have to option to have real time Preview. So, each time you make a change within the instance the Preview will be updated.
This IDE is available in GeneXus X Evolution 2 or higher.

Example of IDE in a transaction's instance


If you make click over an item in the Preview (attribute, textblock, etc.), you will be able to modifiy its properties. This is the same as clicking in the item´s node, but in many cases it's faster and simpler for developers:


If you make double click in any Tab (Selection, Prompt, View, etc.), the associated object will be opened:



There are two icon buttons. These actions are always located at the right top corner:


The configuration button is contextual, so, depending on which node is selected will be the options available on them.



Example of IDE in a web panel's instance


The Web Panel instances also contain the configuration button, which contains the following options:


WorkWithPlus Settings IDE

The WorkWithPlus Settings, which contains global properties, the transaction templates and the Web Panel templates, has also a IDE:


The options available are the same as the one shown in the settings tree.

General Properties Tab groups the following nodes:


There are two contextual actions. So, depending on which tab is selected will be the options available on them. These actions are always located at the right top corner:


For example, when you are visualizing a Web Panel template, the options available for the action 'settings' are the following:


Dock - Undock Preview at Real Time

Using the unique WorkWithPlus IDE for GeneXus X Ev2 the option to dock or undock the real time preview has added.
If you click in the option to undock into separate window you will have real time preview undocked:



Then, you can also return to have the preview docked by clicking in the 'settings' icon, Preview -> Dock to main window.

The difference with the Preview of previous versions of WorkWithPlus and the new Preview is that with any change made in the instance the preview will be updated automatically and at real time. So, if you have two monitors for example you could have in one window the IDE of GeneXus and in other one the Preview.