Create a Work With for Smart Devices based on templates (version 7 or lower)

In order to create a Work With for Smart Devices Based on a WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile template, you have to follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Work With for Smart Devices Pattern from a transaction

    And when you navigate to this option, the following window will be displayed in order to select the WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile template in which the List will be based on.


    Select one WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile template and press Select.

    WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile infers the attributes of the Transaction for each content (Image, Title, and Description in the following WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile template example), but you can change it.


The WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile template applied to the sections:

  • Tabular sections display
  • Tabular sections edit
  • Grid sections

These will be the ones defined in the WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile template selected when applying WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile templates to the Work With for smart devices. In this example, the SmartDevicesPlus template selected when applying WW for SD is 'Image, title and long description', so the SmartDevicesPlus templates applied for the different sections are the following:


And the generated sections (in this case section General) will be created based on the correspondent WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile template (in this case it uses SDPDataDisplayForImage and SDPDataEdit) 


In order to visualize the WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile templates applied to each section you can make click in the 'Work With for Smart Devices' tab and visualize its properties:


Also, you have the following actions available within a Section created based on a WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile template: