Native Mobile Animated Elements (version 7 or lower)

This option allows users to easily include some animated elements directly in the hierarchical editor.


The user can choose between the following options:

  • Lottie animations:
    • A set of simple Lottie animations are distributed with each design system: Blender, Coffe, Confetti, and Fav animations between others.
    • Any other Lottie animation available in the theme can be selected
  • Custom animated elements: A set of custom animated elements that allow interaction are available
    • Top Notification: A table, with sample content, that appears from above once the user triggers the event. Is meant to work as a notification.
    • Bottom Action Sheet: A table, that can be used to include actions, that appears from below.
    • Right drawer with a marker: A table that remains hidden outside the right part of the screen, with a marker that can be tapped to display the content.
    • Centered Dialog: A table that remains hidden and can be displayed as a centered "Dialog", which blocks all UI items in the back.

Top Notification


Bottom Action Sheet


Right drawer with marker