Create a new Design


WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile Design System Wizard loads the available designs from the folder:


WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile will search for a specific file named "definition.xml" in all subfolders inside the main folder.  This file contains all the necessary information in order to load the wizard and also to initialize the KB.

This means that any user can create a custom design, just by adding custom files in these folders.

Creating a new design is an advanced WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile feature, and therefore is not recommended to be done from scratch.

The best way to create a Custom Design is to modify an existing one.


Create a Design from an existing one

Copy the folder of one of the existing Designs and paste it into the same folder directory.

Rename it with the name of the new Design to be created.

Open the file "definition.xml" and edit the content, in order to create your custom Theme.

Make sure you change the theme name inside definition.xml

The definition file contains several sections that are important for the customization of a design:

  • PredefinedPalette: Collection of colors that will be available in the Design System Wizard
  • themes: Configurations that will be applied to GeneXus platforms and themes. Typically you will assign the name of the Theme object that will be used for each platform.
  • ThemeFiles: Collection of XML or XPZ that will be imported when the design is selected using the Design System Wizard
  • settings: Default properties that will be set in all the Design System Wizard steps


More info about creating new templates -> Customizing templates