Getting Started with WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile (version 7 or lower)

This section contains some information useful for getting started with WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile.

You can download the latest version of WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile from our Developer Center

In order to access the setup, you will have to Sign Up into our system. With this user, you will have full access to our versions, material, examples, and you will be able to request your licenses.

In order to install WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile, there are some previous requirements that your GeneXus installation must-have. Then you have to follow the steps mentioned in Setup

After you have installed successfully the product you can start using WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile!

How to start using it?

  1. Import a WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile Design
  2. Create a Panel using a template (version 7 or lower)
  3. Create a Work With for Smart Devices based on templates (version 7 or lower)
  4. Edit a Panel or a Work With for Smart Devices using SmartDevicesPlus editor
  5. Apply component templates

WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile also provides a set of User Controls for Android and iOS that can be used in any Native Mobile object.

  • For Android, WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile provides Iguana UI controls
  • For iOS, WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile provides NucliOS controls

These controls are also included by default in some WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile templates of Themes that are created automatically by WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile. The idea is that you can use them to create the Panel or Work With for Devices based on a template. For further information, please check the user controls section.

If you have any questions, just contact our Support Team, we'll be pleased to help you!

You can contact us by email: