WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile 7 Settings

WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile provides a "Settings Object" that can be accessed in GeneXus "Preferences Toolbar", where the user can see and change some of the options selected in the Design System Wizard.





  • Apply Editor properties on save: The user can choose if hierarchical editor properties will be applied when the edited object is saved.
  • Generate 'Composite': It allows the user to decide if 'Composite/EndComposite' must be added automatically when an event requires it.
  • Insert line break after event definition: It allows the user to decide if a "Line break" must be added automatically when WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile generates source code in an event.
  • Code blocks: Allow the user to define pieces (blocks) of code that will be applied to any Panel or WorkWithDevices that fulfills the Code Block conditions. Check Global Code Blocks section for details.
  • Is Required related properties: A collection of properties that involve the 'Is required' functionality. Please check Is required section for details.


Objects Generated by the wizard

The user can see and change some of the objects that were generated by the wizard, like the application's Menu or Home objects.

It is important to note that if the user removes or modifies these properties, some features will no longer be available, like the automatic menu.

Android adaptive icon

New properties were added in SmartDevicesPlus settings that will enable the use of Android's adaptive icons.

sdp_settings_androidadaptive_sample   sdp_settings_androidadaptive_sample2

To enable adaptive icons, the user must define the properties:

  • Android's adaptive icon color: This property is used as the background color for the icon.
  • Android's adaptive icon image: This image will be used as the icon foreground image.