Smart Devices Panel Editor

SmartDevicesPlus  editor is available for any GeneXus Smart Devices Panel.

The editor is available as a new tab in any Panel for Smart Devices. To use the editor just open the panel and select the “SmartDevicesPlus” tab.


In the new editor you can select and edit the information of any of the SD Panel’s layouts and controls using the editor’s tree view. The tree view will also allow user to easily move any control by using drag and drop. For example, to rearrange the order of any attribute displayed in the screen.


When using SmartDevicesPlus editor user can access all the Smart Device Panel's information using the object's default tabs: layout, rules, events, conditions, variables and documentation.

SmartDevicesPlus editor will synchronize any change made in GeneXus default editors. This means user can switch between editors at any time and keep working without the need to save and reload the object.