Version 15 Upgrade #0.14

Release date: Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Enable GAM in KB with WorkWithPlus already enabled

Issue 12828

When enabling GAM using the "Design System Wizard" in a KB that has WorkWithPlus already initialized, the following error is shown:

error: Parent object (Web Panel 'GAMSSOLogin') was not found.

Execute "Design System Wizard" with Notifications and and "Reimport all" option

Issue 12829

When executing the "Design System Wizard" in a KB that already has the "Notifications and discussions" module and selecting the "Reimport all" option, an error is shown.

Error updating Report Template

Issue 12827

When updating a Report template in the WorkWithPlus for Web Settings, an error is shown after trying to save it.

Circle Progress User Control does not update its value dynamically

Issue 12824

When having a Circle Progress User Control on the screen, and updating the value in a User Action event or Refresh, the Circle Progress value is not updated.

View Grid Tab with Multi Row Selection and 'Maintain selected rows when page changes = Yes'

Issue 12826

When having a View Grid Tab with Multi Row Selection and 'Maintain selected rows when page changes = Yes', the records saved are not correct.

Description attribute not included in default instance with a Subtype FK to the Same Transaction

Issue 12819

When having a Transaction with the following structure:

TestId *
SubTestId (Subtype of TestId)
SubTestName (Subtype of TestName)

The default instance for the Transaction is created without the TestName attribute and should be created without the SubTestName attribute (because the value of the SubTestName is shown in the Extended Combo created for the SubTestId attribute).

FCK Html Editor doesn't work in a Web Panel based on a Business Component

Issue 10651

When having a Web Panel based on an Edit template with 'Generate Save Behaviour = True' and an attribute with 'Control Type = FCK Html Editor' an error is shown when applying the Pattern.