Version 15 Upgrade #0.3

Release date: Friday, August 5, 2022

Property 'Other GeneXus Properties' instead of 'Custom Properties'

The property 'Custom Properties' was replaced by the new property named 'Other GeneXus Properties', which it's much easier and more intuitive. This property is always visible and will display some GeneXus properties that are not being displayed in the list of properties for the node. For example, in a Grid Node the properties displayed in this new property are the following:


Edit in line in separate instance and in a different module

Issue 12764

When having a Web Panel with the functionality "Edit in line" over a Transaction that is in a different module than the Web Panel, the following error is shown:

The Transaction Level associated with an Editable Grid (Insert, Update, or Delete with InLine = true) can only be the root: <TRN_NAME>

Grid inside Grid based on non-collection SDT

Issue 12763

When having a Grid inside another Grid and both are based on an SDT whose root level is not a collection, the variable defined for the Grids is not defined as a collection.

Repeatedly hit "Yes" with the Enter key in a Confirm dialog

Issue 12762

When having an action with Confirm = True, if the user hit the Enter key repeatedly  over the Yes button, the event is executed twice.

Grid with group fixed inside Detail Web Component

Issue 12761

The group title labels are not displayed when having a grid with "group = Fixed" inside a Detail Web Component of another grid.

Extended Combo with Infinite scrolling in a Grid

Issue 12758

When having an Extended Combo inside a Grid and the KB is set to generate all Extended Combos with Infinite scrolling, when the page is loaded, the Extended Combo description is not loaded correctly (and the value is shown).

Date range picker inside a Title Filter

Issue 12757

When having a Date range picker inside a Title Filter, after selecting the range, the filter is closed automatically and the filter is not applied.

If the Title filter is opened again, an error is shown in the browser console.

Update Instance with custom Variables defined in a Transaction Template

Issue 12756

When a Transaction Template with a custom Variable is included in it, when the Update Instance process is executed for an Instance based on that Template, the variable is moved next to all the Transaction attributes.

Copy and Paste in a field with "CPF o CNPJ" mask

Issue 12755

When having an Attribute or a Variable with a Mask with multiple options (for example "CPF o CNPJ"), if a value that matches the second mask is pasted, the value gets truncated

Web Panel with 'Focus Control = Browser dependant' and an Extended Combo

Issue 12754

When having a Web Panel with the property "Focus Control = Browser dependant" and an Extended Combo inside, the Combo gets focused at the page load when it should not.

Expand DetailWebComponent on a grid on page load

Issue 12750

When having a grid with a DetailWebComponent that is loaded programmatically on page load (following the wiki "How to" code), the WebComponent is not shown correctly.,How+to%3A+load+the+page+with+the+grid+already+expanded+%28Expanded+info+in+Grid%29,

Font icons inside an Action Group of type bootstrap

Issue 12749

The selected font icon is not shown when having an Action Group of type Bootstrap, and an action inside it with Image Type = Font icon.

Theme Class selector in IDE

Issue 12746

When we want to set a Theme Class to a property in the WorkWithPlus IDE and the KB is using a Design System instead of a Theme object, the drop-down does not show any options.

Error with scroll, when the kb is horizontal menu and Murray.

Issue 12745

Error with scroll, when the kb has a horizontal menu. When the scroll is shown or hidden, all the controls move.

Text is duplicated when clicking on a mentioned user

Issue 12735

When in a discussion you start writing the name of a user in order to mention it, and you select it from the suggest and press tab or click, WorkWithPlus adds the name of the user and also the word that you had previously written in order to search for the user.

Grid with Title category inside DetailWebComponent when resizing the screen

Issue 12728

When having a grid with title categories inside a DetailWebComponent, the grid titles are not shown/hidden correctly when resizing the screen.