Version 15 Upgrade #0.13

Release date: Thursday, December 8, 2022

Extended Combo with Multiple selection in Wizard step

Issue 12815

When a Wizard Step contains an Extended Combo with 'Allow Multiple Selection = True' that is defined based on an Attribute, the variable is not defined as a collection in the Wizard Data SDT.

Data Selector in 'Other GeneXus Properties' of Grid

Issue 12812

When trying to change the Data Selector of a grid from 'Other GeneXus properties' of a Grid, it doesn't save the selected Data Selector in the property.

List with Multi Row Selection over a Transaction's second level

Issue 12813

When having a List object over the second level of a Transaction, the Muti Row selection doesn't work.

Grouping does not work correctly on a grid with infinite scrolling.

Issue 12810

Grouping does not work correctly on a grid with infinite scrolling. In some cases, the grid loses the format in the groupings

Grid empower with an infinite scroll with a grid scroll bar

Issue 12814

When having a Grid with infinite scrolling and a grid scroll bar, some features of the grid empowering (resize columns, reorder columns, grouping, etc) do not work correctly.

The resize of the columns will not be available in this type of infinite scrolling but the other features will work correctly,

Change the text of a Confirm panel button at runtime

Issue 12794

When having a Confirm Panel and changing some of its button text after the Confirm panel was shown, the text is not updated when the Confirm panel is shown again.

Insert in a grid with 'Edit in line', Title categories, and no records

Issue 12773

When having a grid with 'Edit in line' and Title categories, if the user presses the Insert button when no record is shown, the Title Categories are not shown.

Issue with KB with Design System Nile and Arabic Language

Issue 12816

When selecting Nile Design System in 'Arabic' Language, the Menu was displayed incorrectly.

Issue with Material Full Height Menu in RTL

Issue 12818

When selecting the menu 'Material (Full Height)' for your KB in RTL (Arabic Language), the menu did not display correctly.