Version 15 Upgrade #0.8

Release date: Wednesday, October 5, 2022

New Features

Avoid the need for 'WorkWithPlus Utilities' UC nor Master Page in popups with Extended combo or Empowered grids

When having a popup Web Panel with an Extended Combo or empowered grid, in previous versions of WorkWithPlus for Web it was recommended that the Web Panel had the Master Page Popup set with the 'WorkWithPlus Utilities' UC inside it. From version 15 Upgrade #0.8 this is not needed anymore, so to prevent bugs if the developer forgets to set this master page.

Improvement in Font Icon Search

An improvement was made in the 'Font Icon' search within the Web Form, so that finds more options with some keywords.


Issues Resolved

Visual errors in a compact design and attributes with real width

Issue 12779

There are some visual errors in a compact design and attributes with real width, with prompts and error messages.

Popover not working in Free Style Grid inside Web Component

Issue 12798

When having a Popover over a field inside a Free Style Grid that is inside a Web Component, the Popover is not shown.

Error 'Index (zero-based)' when using the AddRecordOption in Extended Combo with 'Support DVelop Combo Insertion = false'

Issue 12795

When having an Extended Combo with an  'AddRecordOption'  but the selected Web Panel or Transaction has  'Support DVelop Combo Insertion = false', the following exception is shown:

"Error: An error occurred while validating the instance: Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list."

The 'Support DVelop Combo Insertion' property must be true, so it applies correctly.

Extended Combo with 'Allow multiple Selection = True' inside a Grid

Issue 12792

When having an Extended Combo with "Allow Multiple Select = True" inside a Grid (Regular or Free Style) the following error is shown when applying the Pattern:

error: 'Empty' is not a valid value for property 'Field Specifier' in '&Variable1'. (Web Panel 'WebPanel2', &Variable1, Field Specifier)

Sidebar menu in popup and Firefox

Issue 12793

When having a Sidebar menu in a popup Web Panel, when the user uses Mozilla Firefox browser and clicks an option without a link the popup is closed.

Issues with Setup

Issue 12804

The Setup for WorkWithPlus for Web and Native Mobile had some issues:

  • Did not uninstall Native Mobile, when selecting the option 'Uninstall'
  • Did not display the option 'Upgrade' or 'Uninstall' when only Native Mobile was installed.