Admin View for Multitenant applications

The possibility to have an Administrator that visualizes the record from all the tenants was added. In order to do this, the following properties were added in WorkWithPlus for Web Settings > Multi-Tenant:




  • Tenant Description Attribute: Attribute that will be displayed in the objects that support Admin View, so that the Administrator recognizes the Tenant of the record
  • Get Tenant Description Expression:  Expression to get the 'Tenant Description Attribute' value using a variable based on the 'Tenant Attribute' when the 'Tenant Description Attribute' is not present in the Transaction. e.g.: GetTenantDescription(&TenantId).
  • Supports all tenants view by default: Default value for this property in the instances (the Transaction, List and View nodes have this property in order to configure it)

When a Transaction has 'Support all tenants view' as True, WorkWithPlus for Web will display the value of the Tenant Description in the form (for Admins) and hide it for the rest of end-users. The same happens for the LIst object and the View. In the case of the List, the column will have a Title Filter so the end-user will be able to filter by Tenant.