Issue with Infragistics installation in macOS Catalina

When updating macOS to "macOS Catalina" and installing Infragistics, the following error appears:


The problem happens because Catalina OS does not longer support 32 bits installers, so you should try the following steps in order to solve the issue.

Step 1: Download SmartDevicesPlus 5.13 (or higher)

Download and install latest SmartDevicesPlus version (5.13 or higher) from our Download Center.

Important comment:

If you can't update to latest SmartDevicesPlus version (recommended), you should manually modify the following .control files located in the GeneXus's installation folder:

  • ..\UserControls\SDPlusControlsLibrary\SDPlusImageGallery.control

  • ..\UserControls\SDPlusControlsLibrary\SDPChartsIOS.control

  • ..\UserControls\SDPlusControlsLibrary\SDPMDFCombo.control

Replace the lines:

<File>/Developer/Infragistics/NUCLiOS 2013 Volume 2/Framework/IG.framework</File>
<File>/Developer/Infragistics/NUCLiOS 2013 Volume 2/Framework/IGChart.framework</File>



Step 2: 

In the Mac, download  the following zip according to your needs:

  • Infragistics Full Version: request the installation version by writing to
  • Infragistics Trial Version

Unzip the downloaded folder.

Create the following folder's structure and copy the downloaded folder content as follows: