Menu edition

One useful feature added in SmartDevicesPlus 5 is the possibility to add menu items directly from the object itself.

In each "Work With for Smart Devices" and "Panel For Smart Devices" you will have the property "Include in Slide menu":


If you set this property as True the following properties will be enabled:



Specifies the title which appears in the menu.


Specifies the image which appears in the menu.


Specifies the type of the item. This could be:

  • Item
  • ItemSeparator
  • Link


Specifies in which position of the menu will appear. The order counts from the top of the menu.

When you save the object the data provider which loads the menu and the Startup Object of the application will be modified.

In the Data Provider will be added the following:


While in the Startup Object:


Important:  This behavior will be available as long as you keep the default Data Provider used in the menu of the application. When you change the default Data Provider used to load the menu of the application, SmartDevicesPlus considers that the developer is in control of the menu management, so the property “Include in Slide Menu” won’t be available anymore. If you want to let SmartDevicesPlus manage the menu again, you should use the default Data Provider again.