Update your KB to SmartDevicesPlus 5

Once you install SmartDevicesPlus 5, there are two possible scenarios:

Use SmartDevicesPlus 5 with the design that you already have

In SmartDevicesPlus 5 were added some Improvements in Charts. One of these is the possibility to combine different chart types in charts that have multiples series. This functionality is centralized in the property "Series Type Collection".

So, you need to open each object which has charts and modify this property to the same value that you had previously on the property "Type":



The best way to do that is to export these objects before installing the new version and after installing the new version verify in the exported XML the properties of the chart and modify them.

You also need to have into consideration two things:

  • By not importing one of the new themes you won't be able to use new templates added in SmartDevicesPlus 5.
  • The new mechanism to add items to the menu won't work and you will need to add items as in version 4. The new mechanism is explained in the following link: Menu edition

Use  SmartDevicesPlus 5 and apply one of the new available designs

In this scenario, when you run the "Design System Wizard" it will import the new design (overwriting the previous), the new templates and it will create a folder with the following objects:


The objects which you had before running the "Design System Wizard" will conserve the template applied in the previous version but with the new theme applied. You will need to verify if all objects look properly and if one doesn't look  as it should you will need to apply again the template to the object with the following option:


As was explained in the first scenario you will need to change the property "Series Type Collection" of the objects with have charts of SmartDevicesPlus.