SmartDevicesPlus 5.5

New Functionalities:

Template previews updated

Several template previews were updated.

Fixed Issues:

Problem with “lines” in template “Login with Phone Number” (Issue number: 1251)

Lines were removed from background table on template “Login with Phone Number” for iOS platforms.

The hierarchical editor does not refresh after an attribute is modified (Issue number: 1252)

When the property “Attribute” is modified in an attribute or variable using the properties grid, hierarchical editor does not reflect the change.

Previews displayed in “Template wizard” and “Design System wizard” are different (Issue number: 1253)

Preview images displayed during “Design System wizard” are later replaced by different images when “Template wizard” is used.

Exception in the hierarchical editor after right click over “application bar” (Issue number: 1254)

An error was fixed that provoked an exception message to appear after a right click was performed over “Application Bar”, or any sub-item, in the hierarchical editor.

Search box text not visible in Android using the theme “Clean” (Issue number: 1255)

When the theme "Clean" is used, an issue occurs with the "search" action in Android. After tapping over the "search" action the search box appears over the application bar, but searched text is not visible.