SmartDevicesPlus 5.8

New Functionalities:

'Enter event' assigned in login templates

'Enter event' is now assigned in all login templates. The user can now press "enter key" after the password is entered, and the login event will be fired, exactly the same as if the user presses the 'login button'. 

Fixed Issues:

Error in login using Biometrics API in iOS, in GeneXus 16 upgrade 2 (Issue number: 1273)

iOS applications "hung" after the fingerprint is used to login if "Enable fingerprint login" is enabled in the "Design system wizard" using GeneXus 16 upgrade 2.

Error using Charts in iOs if empty spaces are entered in "Series Field Specifier Collection" property (Issue number: 1275)

When SmartDevicesPlus charts are used in iOS, if spaces are entered in the property "Series Field Specifier Collection" all chart data is displayed as empty (all values for the series is '0').