SmartDevicesPlus 5.2

New Functionalities:

Japanese translations added

Translations were added for Japanese version.

Pie chart new property

A new property named ‘PieOthersCategoryText’ was added in Pie Chart for both Android and iOS. When a value is set, Pie chart will automatically group smaller values into a single Pie ‘Slice’ and use the property’s value as the label for that ‘slice’.


Fixed Issues:

Android Pie chart displays wrong labels when 'others' slice is shown (Issue number: 1219)

Android Pie chart assigns wrong color combination to labels when 'others' slice is shown and labels are shown outside the chart (either 'Top' or 'Bottom').

Navigation error using SDT in template 'Locations list with map header' (Issue number: 1220)

When user selects any SDT in 'Locations list with map header' template the generated panel fails to specify.

This issue can be easily fixed if user removes code generated in 'start' event.