Issues Resolved (v15 Upgrade #1.4)

Release date: Friday, 24th March 2023

Error on MSBuild when modifying the Design System 'WorkWithPlusBaseDS'

When making a modification in the Design System 'WorkWithPlusBaseDS' in MSBuild, an error appears because it tries to open a Message.

The checkbox 'Include Discussions' is not visible in Design System Wizard's Advanced Settings

The checkbox 'Include Discussions' in Step 'Master Page' within the 'Advanced Settings' is hidden when the KB doesn't have Workflow.

Issue when reimporting all in GeneXus 18 U2 with Notifications Module

In GeneXus 18 U2, an error is displayed when running the Design System Wizard reimporting all, and having the Notifications Module enabled in a KB created in a previous version of GeneXus 18 U2. GeneXus does not support naming the Transaction with the full name (including modules) in this scenario and throws an error when importing the XML.

GAM Change Password when logging in not working

The mechanism of changing the password of a user that logged in and had marked that he must change his password is not working. This is because GeneXus does not support making GAMSession.Get() in the middle of the process (and this is done by the Master Page). So, this Web Panel is now imported without Master Page and with the needed code for having the proper behavior.