WorkWithPlus for BI Architecture

WorkWithPlus for BI creates the cube within an independent database from the operational database. This approach has many advantages:

  • You don't affect operational database performance
  • You increase cube's queries performance
  • We take advantage of some cutting-edge technologies as column-oriented store and compression (reduces in-memory and on-disk data size)

By having two databases you should periodically update the cube's data from the operation database. You can learn about this process in Updating data

This independent database is accessed from a layer of services that can be consumed from the application by using the UtilsBusinessIntelligencePlus external object. 

The independent database and the layer of services can be used in two different architectures:

Use WorkWithPlus for BI from WorkWithPlus's cloud

This is pretty straightforward as you just use the infrastructure deployed in our cloud.


You just need to use WorkWithPlus's cloud URL when creating a new cube as follows:


With this architecture you have a schema with all the benefits of the cloud (flexibility, scalability, etc.) 

Use WorkWithPlus for BI locally

In this architecture, you will have the independent database and the layer of services deployed locally in your own environment.  


You can learn how to deploy this architecture in Local WorkWithPlus for BI installation

If you are using your own cloud to deploy your application, you can also deploy WorkWithPlus for BI on it. Contact us in order to analyse your specific scenario.