Quering a cube

In the Web Panel 'WPBusinessIntelligencePlus' you have the possibility to do queries to your cube. You can add this web panel to your Application Menu so you will have it fully integrated in your application:



At runtime when you enter to this Web Panel you can see the following interface composed by a query input and a guide explaining how  to make better use of queries.


In the query you have the possibility to include operators (total, maximum, minimum and average), measures (the name of the attributes that you define in the step 2) and dimensions (different columns of your cube).

This is explained in the guide and you can see some examples according to the cube that you have defined.

When you do a query the data could be displayed in different types of graphics and visualizations. For example the following:







Inside each query you can do other actions as Order, Cross, Filter, Save and Share. 


Also, you can set "Global Filters" to filter each query that you do.



Important: queries can be done in Spanish or English according to the language associated to your username. Please contact support@workwithplus.com if you don't know your language or you want to change it.