WorkWithPlus for Business Intelligence

WorkWithPlus for BI is the ideal tool to perform data analysis on applications developed with GeneXus.

Every day, companies collect more data from their customers, their employees, business processes, among others. Organize that data and transform it into valuable information for the  decision-making process is a challenge.

With WorkWithPlus for BI you will obtain a product that allows you to easily integrate applications developed using GeneXus with a modern analytical solution, which incorporates elements of artificial intelligence, with low implementation cost and at a competitive price.

The latest available version is "WorkWithPlus for Business Intelligence 3", released on 15/12/2020, checkout the release notes to find out what it includes.

You can download the latest version of WorkWithPlus for Business Intelligence from our Developer Center. 

You can find commercial information on our website


Easy to use

It will be very simple for any member of the GeneXus community to build a cube from a GeneXus KB and offer it to the client through of a query interface. It is important to note that the user will navigate in the query module within the application with a totally unified UX, without the need to export data or enter the other applications.

Low implementation cost

Usually a DataWarehousing project requires many consultancy hours to define which are the reports that the user will want to use and how to build them. With WorkWithPlus for BI, the user can build their own reports on the data defining how  to see the information, decreasing considerably the implementation costs.

Time to Market

It will take full advantage of GeneXus to build applications and automation in creation of DataWarehousing cube, loading of data and the query interface. This allows the user to be offered solutions with an agility and deadlines adapted to the speed of your business.

Competitive price

We seek to offer a competitive price in relation to other solutions of the market that can offer excellent benefits but are not 100% adapted to the GeneXus community 


Fully integrated

WorkWithPlus for BI is used from GeneXus IDE without requiring specific knowledge in Business Intelligence.

Build the cube

The tool allows in simple steps, to select the transactions and attributes that will allow automatic construction of a cube with an independent database from the operational database. The new database is oriented to columns which – in line with the latest technological trends – allows querying with an excellent performance.

Conversational interface

WorkWithPlus for BI integrated with GeneXus and WorkWithPlus automatically builds an interface that allows the user to perform queries in natural language. These queries are saved in a Timeline  and you can also build your own Dashboard with those frequent queries. The queries can be shared with other users of the application and exported to various formats such as Excel.

Local or SaaS

The tool allows the cubes to be stored in the customer infrastructure or also use WorkWithPlus cloud hosted in one of the main international suppliers.