WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile Templates

WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile provides a set of templates that can be assigned to 'Panels' objects.

These templates are included when a Design system is selected.


These templates are the ones that we select for one Panel when we create one ( more info:: Create a Panel using a template).

For example, we could have templates in order to create a Panel to show a list of records with a title and a description, or a list showing an image, a title, and a description, etc.

These templates can be based on attributes or in an SDT in order to show or edit the information on them. They are divided into categories (each Design will have a set of category templates and you can create new categories and new templates for a Design). These categories will group templates by the purpose of the Panel.

WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile provides a collection of predefined templates, but also you can create or modify templates. In order to do so, you need to access WorkWithPlus Native Mobile Settings