Getting Started BusinessIntelligencePlus

This section contains some useful information for getting started with BusinessIntelligencePlus. In order to start using BusinessIntelligencePlus you should do the following steps:

Step 1

Install WorkWithPlus in your GeneXus installation. You can download it from our Download Center.

You can use WorkWithPlus trial license if you don't have a full license.

Step 2

Download BusinessIntelligencePlus setup from our Download Center. In order to use it, you need to generate the gxa file by selecting the line 'BusinessIntelligencePlus Trial', in the GeneXus License Manager and send it to

Step 3

You will receive the license file and the data (user and password) that you need to create the cubes.

Step 4

Use the previous data to Login in the Step 1 of 'Tools' ->> 'BusinessIntelligencePlus' ->> 'Create New Cube'.

You can use the Server Name which is included by default in order to easily test BusinessIntelligencePlus by using DVelop Cloud.


If you have any question just contact our Support Team, we'll be pleased to help you!