WorkWithPlus for VideoCall

WorkWithPlus provides a set of user controls that can be easily integrated into any Knowledge Base to enable video calls in both mobile and web GeneXus applications.

The latest available version is "WorkWithPlus for VideoCall 4", released on 15/12/2020, checkout the release notes to find out what it includes.

You can download the latest version of WorkWithPlus for VideoCall from our Developer Center.

You can find commercial information on our website


As of WorkWithPlus for VideoCall 4 Upgrade #1, the product is fully integrated with GeneXus License Manager

Please check the License section for details and also for instructions on how to request license for older versions.


To provide such functionality, these controls use the infrastructure and SDKs of Sinch.

So, in order to integrate video calling, users must first register and create an application in the Sinch platform.



  • GeneXus 16 upgrade 11 for web
  • GeneXus 17 for native mobile
  • A valid account on the provider's platform (e.g. Sinch Platform)
  • The web server must be published over https 
  • Windows desktop web browser: Chrome or Firefox must be used (Safari is not supported)

Also, beginning versión 3.6 the following support was added:

  • macOS desktop web browser: Chrome or Safari must be used.
  • Android: Chrome or Firefox must be used.
  • iOS: Chrome or Safari must be used.