VideoCallsPlus 3.3

Release Date: 07/07/2020

New Functionalities:

Web video calls recording

Web user control can record the video call. Check Video call recording on web for more information on how to enable this feature.

"Remote connection lost" detection added in Android and iOS user control

The mobile user control can detect when the remote client connection is lost (web browser refresh is executed, wifi is lost, airplane mode activated, etc). The remote client can be either web or a mobile client.

In this case, the event "onCallEnded" is fired.

Multiple 'iOS bundle id' and 'Android package' support

Product keys can now be generated for multiple 'iOS bundle id' and 'Android package' values.

Fixed Issues:

Web: Video was not displayed when "answer" is executed too soon

When the "answer" action is executed before the call is properly configured, the SDK fails to display the video feeds, and ultimately the call is dropped.

This becomes a problem if an "automatic answer" is implemented by invoking the "answer" method in the "onCallReceived" event. 

For this reason, the "onCallReceived" event was delayed to allow the call to finish loading.

iOS: Bitcode support added

Bitcode support was added to iOS library.