Native Mobile Calendar User Control

Calendar is a user control that can be used to create any screen that provides calendar and events functionalities.

WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile provides a template that will help create and set up any screen that uses this control.


Defining events

The user control events are configured using the SDTs 'SDPlusCalendarInfo' and 'SDPlusCalendarEntry'.

An example of how to configure events on the calendar is provided in the template.

Users can configure color for each event, and also the icon that will be used to mark that day on the calendar.

To set the icon of the event, the 'status' field must be modified.


  • 0: No Icon. In this case, color is used on the day's label. On Android, also, the text of the event is painted using the selected color.
  • 1: A 'big dot' is drawn on the day, using the selected color. On Android, this option also writes the event text first letter inside the dot.
  • 2: A 'small dot' is drawn on the day, using the selected color. This is the 'default' usage in iOS.
  • 3: Three dots are drawn on the day. Colors can not be customized.
  • 4, 5, and 6: Special icons used only in Android ('heart', 'paw' and 'conversation')


Also, Calendar colors and visual style can be customized using a custom theme class.



Additionally, the user control can be used in any Panel using the GeneXus toolbox.