Bug Fixes (14 Upgrade #0.3)

Error rule with DVMessage

Issue 4486

When having an error rule in a transaction that uses DVMessage, the message is not displayed correctly.

DVelop Combo inside DropDownComponent

Issue 4481

A DvelopCombo inside a DropDown Component does not work. The combo won't open

Dynamic Lists of Title Filters in WebPanel referred by an URLRewrite Object

Issue 4483

Dynamic lists of title filters do not work on a Web Panel, for which a GeneXus URLRewrite object was defined.

The filters throw "404 error". In execution the GetFilterData service does not take the correct Url, inspecting the correct Url works.

'Refresh after Popup' in Web Components

Issue 4464

The property "Refresh after Popup" is not working when a User Action has as the 'GX Object' a WebComponent with the property 'Popup' as true.

Popup WebComponent in Web Panel without Master Page

Issue 4463

When a popup Web Component is created in a Web Panel without Master Page, it did not work correctly.

Popover not working on an enumerated grid attribute

Issue 4489

When using popover on a grid attibute with based on a Enumeration Domain, it doesn't shows the popover at runtime.

Open 'Detail Web Component' programmatically

Issue 4470

The following functionality is not working: set a specific User Action that expands a grid record (Expanded info in Grid) as clicking on expand button does not expand the Web Component.


Geolocation warning

Issue 4471

When having an Attribute of type Geolocation in a Transaction that is set as Business Component, WorkWithPlus for Web adds a prompt rule which produces the following Warning:

Rule 'prompt...' does not apply to Business Component. Ignored.

Confirm Panel closes when clicking outside it

Issue 4468

The Confirm Panel (or Web Component Popup) should not close when the user clicks outside of it (in the dark area).

DVCombo.SetFocus() not working

Issue 4467

The SetFocus() method does not work on DVelop Combo fields.

'DVelop Combo' as the first field

Issue 4466

When a Transaction (or Web Panel) for data entry is created and its first editable control is a DVelop Combo, the focus on the page load is set to the first "not DVelop Combo" field.

Range Picker refreshes grid with Search Standard Action

Issue 4473

When a List object with the Standard Action 'Search' (so automatic Refresh is forced to No) has a range picker filter, after changing the range, the grid is refreshed.

Issue when renaming an Attribute

Issue 1002

When renaming an attribute on the Transaction structure, WorkWithPlus is not renaming the attributes when used in conditions, filters, parameters, etc.

Issue with NotAuthorizedImage in GAMNotAuthorized web panel

Issue 4482

The image of the GAMNotAuthorized Web Panel is empty.

Floating label with "Invite Message" is showed overlapped

Issue 4494

When having a floating label with "Invite Message", when the field is empty, both are shown overlapped.

Date variable as the first field in a small popup, drops-up and gets cut and you cannot select a date.

Issue 4493

When a small popup has a Date variable as its first field, the calendar picker drops-up and gets cut and it is not possible for the user to select a date.

DVelop Combo in Grid of Transaction as Business Component

Issue 4497

When having an FK in the second level of a Transaction set as Business Component and "Auto DVelop Combo = True", the following error is shown when applying the Pattern:

error src0018: Error parsing starting in  (Details)

Only happens when the first level of the transaction does not have any other FK.

Popover on Image or GUID attributes in grid not working properly

Issue 4498

Popover on Image or GUID attributes in grid not working properly. The popover icon is added more than once in the grid.

Issue with 'DVelop Combo' required with an extra condition

Issue 4480

If the DVelop Combo is required with an extra condition, when the condition is met, the attribute's description disappears.

Only happens when displaying the attributes with floating labels and input with rectangles.

DVelop Combo in Edit Inline Grid

Issue 4499

When having a DVelop Combo in a grid of a List Object with Update or Insert action as "In line = True" the following error is shown while specifying:

spc0150 Cannot update database in grid 'Grid'. Changes to database are only allowed in procedures.