Run Mode (Basic or Advanced)

The wizard execution process has been simplified. Now you have two ways to run the Wizard.

Basic Settings:

In basic configurations, we have only 2 steps.

  1. To choose the Design System Base.
  2. To select the base color and if you want to import some modules such as 'Discussions', 'Notifications' and 'Subscriptions'.

The Wizard will run with the default options importing all the objects as before, but more simplified.

Advanced Settings

If you click in 'Advanced Settings' within step 2, the full Wizard will be displayed. Also, if you select the Current Design System, it will always open the Wizard in Advanced mode.

Any change you make in the Wizard, when you click on the "IMPORT DESIGN SYSTEM" button, a pop-up window will be displayed with the names of the objects to be imported.

You can import just those or re-import all the Design System objects.
The button is present in both steps, both in step 2 and in step 10.