Display Actions using UserControl 2.0

Now in WorkWithPlus for Web 14 you can add User Control 2.0 to Standard Actions and User Actions.

  • Standard Actions: Outside and Inside Action Group(pre-configured in WorkWithPlus for Web Settings > Actions > Standard Actions).
  • User Actions (Outside Action Group)

For example, in the following image, we add a User Control 2.0 with Semantic UI library and another with Font Awesome Icon.



To do this, you need to define a User Control 2.0 object how is explained in User Control 2.0 Wiki.



After saving the User Control, you can select it in the Control Type property: Custom:<UserControlName> and the Buttom Custom Properties will be visible to set their properties.



Here you can configure the Standard Actions properties.




When you make a change in Standard Actions, to reflect the changes you must do 'Update Instance' in the instances for the changes to be applied. You can do it from Tools> WorkWithPlus> Pattern instances> Update all instances or individually in each instance you need.

User Control example links:

File: ConfirmCustomUserControl.rar
File: IconButtonUserControl.rar