Version 14 Upgrade #0.2

Release date: Friday, January 8, 2021

GeneXus IDE closes with very big Instance

Issue 3460

GeneXus IDE closes after making changes on a very big WorkWithPlus for Web Pattern Instance.

Confirm panel default focus on Yes button

Issue 3461

The focus should be set to the "Yes" button when the Confirm panel is displayed.

Confirm panel Enter key pressed on the button

Issue 3462

When the user presses the "Enter" key over a button on a Confirm Panel, nothing was done (only the "Space" key worked correctly).

DVelop Combo with a lot of "Condition dyn. atts."

Issue 3463

When a DVeop Combo is defined with "Load Data Dynamically=True" and many "Condition dynamic atts. or vars." (more than 9), parameter values are not passed correctly.

Issue in Update Instances of Transaction Template with variables

Issue 3455

When doing "Update Instance" to a web panel based on the Transaction template that has a Variable, the following error appears:

error: An error occurred while updating the instance  WorkWithPlus<Name>:

Unable to cast object of type 'DVelop.Patterns.WorkWithPlus.SettingsTrnTableVariableElement' to type 'DVelop.Patterns.WorkWithPlus.SettingsTableVariableElement'.

Issue with Extended Combo in FK

Issue 3454

When defining an Extended Combo in an FK with 'Dynamic Combo Box' in its Attribute definition, the first time an item is selected its value does not get assigned correctly. If you select another item, the problem won't happen anymore.

Issue with totalizers and Infinite scrolling (grid scroll bar)

Issue 3453

When having a totalizer in a grid with Infinite scrolling (grid scroll bar) the totalizers are not properly aligned to the column. This happens when there are many columns, so a horizontal scroll is added.

Important: Fixed columns are not supported in grids with "Infinite scrolling (grid scroll bar)"

Date picker opens when loading the page

Issue 3451

When having a range date filter (it happens with both simple and dynamic filters), the date pickers open when the page loads instead of opening when the user clicks on the fields.

This also happens in a Transaction, when the date attribute is the first one on the screen.

The customer also suggests showing the calendar icon in the filter.

Issue with Popover Templates

The variables included in the Popover templates were based on an attribute instead of basic, so the preview of these templates were incorrect